Phroq – Connections, Opportunities For Mistake


CD – Shiver Sounds
In this project Phroq, aka Francisco Meirino, uses malfunctioning minidiscs, cassettes and CD players in a work that investigates the glorious end of an amplification system. Together with continuous interferences and electrostatic noises – expressed in different forms and intensities – they reach the status of an interesting sound-art overture, revealing influences that have been around for a while in the international electronic scene. Starting from an awareness of modulating unusual sounds in audio events, carefully oriented to a sensitization of our auditory apparatus, ‘Connections, Opportunities For Mistakes’ is explicit in following a long line of contemporary experiments that deal with the ‘poetics of error’ – interweaving recombinant influences and media short circuits in an aesthetic characterized by strategies, both ethereal and post-human. It’s the last generation of noise, multi-faceted in references and inspirations, including environmental and free form perspectives.