Mikhail – Morphica


CD – Sub Rosa
Morphica comes in a package that certainly does not pass unnoticed (a 17×24 cm envelope, silver-metallic, transparent even, coming with a hexagonal cardboard CD container that opens as a ‘bud’). The first of the three CDs is called ‘Electronics’, and when listening it is clear that the artwork has been designed in fifteen different “multiples”, each made by a different visual artist. And, in the tradition of the prestigious label, all this stuff is accompanied by significant theoretical texts, produced by Guy-Marc Hinant, Kersten Glandien and Mikhail Karikis, which are also laid out in an effectively composed poster-booklet. The sophisticated remix project is inspired by Mikhail’s 2007 album ‘Orphica’, deconstructing the music with an avant-garde and experimental attitude, and featuring sounds that still retain a strong oneiric-kinematic component. Many different styles gently coexist in the concept reworking, to which the ‘Voices’ of the Alamir choir and the ‘Strings’ (Telekaster and Claudia Molitor) are then added. Special guests include the always hyperactive DJ Spooky ‘That Subliminal Kid’, a.k.a. Paul D. Miller, with his lively and interesting mix of interwoven sounds and textual narratives.