Michael Peters – Impossible Music

Michael Peters

CD – Hyperfunction
Impossible Music is made out of sound constructions that only apparently can be improvisational, actually based on a ‘strange attractor’. This is a geometric-mathematical set which evolves towards a dynamic system, a process – for this specific algorithm – thoroughly studied by the CERN physicists Igor Gumowski and Christian Mira. Iterated and insistent sequences, generating more and more pairs of values whose extremely articulate graphical representations seem similar to clusters of plankton. Even in the listening enjoyment the outcome of those obscure but precise mathematical formulas is quite interesting, resulting from the technical mastery of pianist Michael Peters, who is a sort of ‘executing interface’ of a very ‘non-human’ composition, making changes that support subspecies of resulting attractors. It’s a musical project that has been make thanks to a specially developed software and whose registration is dating back to 1996. Only today this important work is published by Hyperfunction, a label bringing to light scores indeed very cultured and very pleasant.