” “[sic] Tim Goldie – “Abjector”[sic]

[sic] Tim Goldie - Abjector [sic]

2CD – Hibari
Harsh digital sounds intertwine with improvisations structured as a percussive matrix. With audio-abuse, distortions and an extreme use of the human voice, Tim Goldie severely tests both the taste and analytical skills of those less accustomed to radical electronic and experimental music. The double release album ‘Abjector’ establishes the noisy nature of its project early on. The first CD, ‘White Peristaltic Interrogations’ consists of bursts of pure, striking energy, diluted only by occasional free-form flow and silence. The work generates auditive elements that appear to shun any method, while maintaining an overall sense of being self-organized. The second part of the record reveals no diminution of style – it too provokes a genuine insurrection of the senses. ‘Devocalised Fluchtverdachtiger / Blocksperre Refluxur’ brings an abundance of excesses, including hisses and strident frequencies, a hyperbolic industrial mix and mechanical digressions in sound. The approval-rating of this record will be controversial but it sports undoubted strength and stylistic charm.