Ohrmong – A Film by Stefan Bauer


DVD – Nocords
Shot in 2003 in Mongolia, ‘Ohrmong’, with sequences and cut-ups of abstract images, recounts a train trip through those far away, exotic lands. Sounds and images are selected by Stefan Bauer in a very personal, stylish and brilliant film adaptation which, not surprisingly, was awarded at the Diagonale Film Festival of Graz, Austria. The audio post-production process is particularly interesting and unusual: it was delegated to seventeen different musicians who based their work on the audio recordings and – in a more or less predominant way – produced their versions following the path traced by the moving photograms. It’s perhaps a confusing effect, because this ‘authorial’ application challenges the ‘dictatorship’ of a single poetic interpretation, collaboratively widening the field of ‘meaning’ and of the reciprocal ‘factual’ and ‘fictional’ truth.