Kim Cascone – Music For Dagger And Guitar

Kim Cascone

CD – Aural Terrains
Field recordings and grainy sounds, multifaceted audio insertions, several settings – natural, metropolitan and industrial contexts – intense connections, spiky frequencies and meditative drones. Kim Cascone in ‘Music For Dagger And Guitar’, with an always pressing editing style, creates tangled relations; a highly imaginative cut-up involving many levels of exploration. This sometimes takes the shape of a dream-like trip of chaotic assonances, but also offers a method to compare rapidly changing listening sets in a work inspired by equally diverse and rich influences: Asger Jorn’s situationist book ‘Luck and Chance’, published in 1952, and ‘The Seventh Continent’ and ‘Satan’s Tango’, two movies by Austrian Michael Haneke (the director of ‘La Pianiste’) and Hungarian Béla Tarr (an author often cited by Gus Van Sant) respectively. This release ends with a monologue, ‘The Language of Ghosts’, accompanied by an equally fascinating, iterated and strange background.