Noah Creshevsky / If,Bwana – Favorite Encores

Noah Creshevsky

CD – Pogus
An experimental ‘one + one’ – non-collaborative – between Noah Creshevsky and Al Margolis (aka If, Bwana), whose respective compositions are skilfully framed, meticulously organizing the imaginary and the forms of sound that the concept of ‘hyperrealism’ suggests. Orchestrations that take raw materials from a very wide variety of musical sources are electroacoustically forged using everyday sounds and frequencies. The work also includes manipulations of traditional instruments in the form of a contemporary chamber music. We hear layers of uncommon auditive experiences, often dark and always quite sophisticated: a dictionary of sounds is produced – which, of course, is not without certain avant garde stylistic features – and moves through baroque camouflages, compass waltzes and orchestral melodies. Post-modern saraband, that deftly recovers aulic knowledge, intertwining it – sometimes even in a deliberately exaggerated and excessive way – with the strategies of today, modulating indomitable virtuosity and conceptualism, audio/acoustic fragments and synthetic expressions of heterogeneous sensitivity.