links for 2009-1-6

  • Shotgun Architecture at P40, A sound and light installation by Justin Bennett. Can one make sound visible? What happens to our thought processes and emotional perception when sound and its movement is performed or even manipulated in space?
    (tags: art sound)
  • Winter Camp is an event, organized by the Institute of Network Cultures and will take place 3-7 March ‘09 in Amsterdam. Network Cultures Winter Camp will be a mix of presentations and work spaces with an emphasis on getting things done
  • The Biennial will make a new map of Global Art, World Art. The Biennial will try to initiate a shift of paradigm: from the Euramerican paradigm to the Eurasian and Eurabian paradigm. This could be achieved by addressing this shift through the specific aspect of media and technology, that technology is transreligious, transgender, transnational and transracial.
    (tags: art festival)
  • The music industry has taken some extreme measures to counter piracy, but it hasn’t found the silver bullet yet. The key is to come up with a service that will fulfill the needs of music lovers, and one that would even be embraced by the most hardcore pirate. With Spotify, this might just become possible.
  • security code words are coming out as almost-language lately, so I’ve been collecting them, and writing them into password poems
    (tags: literature net)