Carrier Band – Voice Coil

Carrier Band

CD – Deep Listening
A recording of Pauline Oliveros, Peer Bode and Andrew Deutsch’s 2003 performance at the Deep Listening Space in Kingston (New York), ‘Voice Coil’ is structured as an extended suite. It is an experiment that merges rarefied accordion with the sounds of a particular vocoder, creating elegant manipulations, produced with the help of the ‘Expanded Instrument System’ (an interactive electronic interface invented in the 60s, now PC-based, mainly used in improvisation and for real-time processing of acoustic instruments and voices). These artists, particularly Pauline Oliveros – a fundamental name in avant-garde music in the transition between serial and gesture experiments and multimedia electronics – embody the tight digital-analogue relationship, integrating different instruments and sound sources, while subjectively modulating all possible variables involved in producing precise sound emissions. This is a strong track which ultimately leads on to ‘Frozen Speaker’ and ‘Video Voice’, both of which are stimulating and rarefied compositions, slightly electronic and dream-like.