Blevin Blectum – Gular Flutter

Blevin Blectum

CD – Aagoo
A long while has passed since the time of Blectum From Blechdom, the digital duo composed of Kevin Blectum and Blevin Blechdom, which formed at Mills College between the end of the 90s and the beginning of this decade. Nonetheless, even if their careers are now separate, they still elaborate laptop electronica by skillfully modulating themes close to a certain kind of machinic sound and dissonant cyber culture, with a rich post-glitch aesthetic crossed with noise and darkstep fragments. In ‘Gular Flutter’, these structures hint at the residues of many genres, touching experimental dance, subverting melodies, accelerating impulses and imagery in a horror-movie crescendo. Oblique transformations use nursery rhymes to elaborate disquieting audio constructions, which are full of thick atmospheres, teenage memories, fuzzy marches and dazed settings. This is an interesting, complex and never trite release, even if it does explore a rather well-trodden path.