Processing Photography, eyelid shuttering interface

Processing Photography

Working with the theme, “the future of the interface,” the latest exhibit (“minimal interface“) at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) evaluates interface communication design while reflecting on the cultural diversity of our present day information-based society. Works on display from the fields of film, animation, sound, architectural sculpture and product design and photography reflect a pursuit of possible interfaces that avoid language barriers – enabling user interaction through intuitive physical sensation and perception as opposed to interaction based on verbal information and guidance provided to the user and viewer. In “Processing Photography” (2008), Shunsuke Takawo works with the notion that humans are engaged in sensory perception with the constant and involuntary shuttering of our eyelids. Takawo’s installation employs pre-programmed sensors to detect blinking, using the eyelid as an interface to manipulate the speed of a sequence of projected photographs. The images are then shown on two differently sized monitors, enabling the visitor to compare how the visual perception and experience of the photographs changes according to varying affordance and the amount of information perceivable on the monitor.

Vicente Gutierrez