Maju – Maju-5


CD – Extreme
In Japanese, “Maju” (pronounced ‘may-you’) has approximately the same meaning as the English word “cocoon”. So in this album, the music-induced relaxation is completely different to that often obtained in neo-lounge intimate trends, usually derived from frivolous electronic entertainment and consumed in a few months. Nevertheless, despite a very abstract and brainy approach, the two members of the group, Sakana Hosomi and Masaki Narita, seem to be involved, at least slightly, in that fashionist trend that situates itself among J-Pop, soundtrack compositions, ambience models and subtle electronics. The combo seem to restrict their compositional scope, limiting themselves to a more rarefied and “controlled” version of their different musical elements. They are able to modulate a stylized sound design in expanded sequences and drones, effects, space envelopes and gentle glitches. The musical textures are reminiscent of some altered states of consciousness, suspended between drowsiness and sleep, through skilfully iterated tunings. Here only the occasional emergence of calibrated dissonances and hisses distract the attention, letting melancholic micro-melodies leak out into the floating envelopes.