Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore – N.

Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore

CD – No Label
As in an ageless world, thwarted by indecipherable atmospheric energies, the diaphanous sounds of Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore, digital translations of weather station calculations near the North Pole, are supporting the imaginary generation of images with empty and completely uninhabitable spaces. It’s a hardly definable sum of data, always contiguous, related to the whole horizon (and beyond) of the auditory spectrum. These frequencies also seem to relate to political contents, sporting a desolate appeal that appears to be inspired by climate alterations and potential environmental disasters. ‘N.’ (to be pronounced as N-Point) began as a collaborative audio-visual project, commissioned by the Lovebytes Festival and hosted by the Site Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art in Sheffield. The installation version of this work was very well-modulated with an interesting use of IT (via the Internet), but the sonification of the Arctic territory goes well beyond a mere exercise in style – on a purely musical level – with a direct generation from aseptic data. The world dissolves under our eyes, not only metaphorically. In a work like this reality, poetry and the tangible that comes from art are still able to produce sense.