U.S.O. Project – Unidentified Sound Object

Federico Placidi + Matteo Milani

CD – Synesthesia Recordings
Self-published by authors Federico Placidi and Matteo Milani, a.k.a. “Unidentified Sound Project”, this album opens with a section entitled “Quantum Dripping” (three tracks), which relays their non-compromising sound research that deals with stylized interferences. Nervous sound structures (which are then modulated in the subsequent “Rebirth” section), elementary sound particles, cacophonies and granular sound frizzles consistently abuse the electronic medium. Perhaps this is a foil to certain less radical audio expressions, considering that Milani used to make a living as sound-editor for movies, radio and television. It’s a clear contrast because the project – with no frills – shows a definitive coherence, a terse power, but gives no clue to those not interested in structured audio technicalities. The authors underline a separation with the listener, indicating their refusal to create a work that “must” communicate. The clusters of musical “concretions” here seem then to self-organize, following internal algorithmic protocols. It’s a procedure that the authors define as “transient drawing” and they combine it with the editing of extremely small sound-wave pieces. It’s an interesting process, but quite hard indeed to metabolize.