Janek Schaefer – Alone At Last

Janek Schaefer

CD – Sirr
Oneiric sequences, field recordings and tonal harmonies, disruptions and modulated restarts. Sensitive settings, audio fragments, sound excerpts from an old Spanish movie. A virtuoso flamenco guitar and delicate yet invasive drones, like entering the core of a sophisticated abstract map with multiple coordinates. Stratifications of different compositions and projects – in this collection – eight different tracks almost re-written in an ideal new continuum, retrieving lost or purposely unreleased tracks in the artist’s personal catalogue. Patterns are plainly orchestrated and mild glitches establish the rhythm in the passages. The author is able then to show his fresh creativity of manipulating essential elements, creating empathic connections, and providing endless references and reworkings. It’s as if Schaefer would still play his own tri-phonic turntable, drawing from three different parts of the vinyl: in the same way he seems to enclose different materials and creative possibilities. Gentle juxtapositions, able to better investigate the spatial aspects of sound in its structural and narrative elements.