AEO, auditory design performance


AEO is a sound collective undertaking new directions in performance and instrument development formed by rogue engineers Kazuhiro Jo (SWO), Taeji Sawai (Golden Pink Arrow) and Eye Yamatsuka, part of the seminal Japanese noise punk outfit, The Boredoms. The performance core is the use of two handheld spherical units. The static field formed between the two is units is managed by an array of Yamatsuka’s gestures- from the Qui Gong-style to acutely angular. A closer examination of the luminescent orbs reveals that each is equipped with mini microphones and speakers acting as sensors and receptors. From the subtlest gestures and body movements, the electric field the orbs share is manipulated to produce a variety of audio textures- harsher glitches, fiery streams of white noise, or a resonating ambience with a softer glow. How the feedback varies in tone, pitch or frequency depends entirely on the physical exertion detected by the embodied accelerometers. AEO opt to eschew, as they see it, the mundane stage settings of typical electronic performances where all seems delicate, stationary and disengaging. Their approach to performance is more “punk” and every performance is an exploration of the relationship between motion and sound. The audience is drawn to focus on Eye while other members are off stage, continuing to explore auditory design (picture: Sebastian Mayer).

Vicente Gutierrez