A_dontigny – Geisteswissenschaften


CD – No-Type
Aim&execute; Dontigny is based in Quebeq and is certainly a compositor who can’t be easily categorized. He is the founding member of the free noise collective Napalm Jazz, and the animator for the No-Type label, which has released his second album. This is a work that brings together a decade of recordings and well-conceived musical projects in seventeen “urticant” and hyper-vivid tracks. The listener is presented with abstract and twisted sounds, a sum of samples, fragments, inspired lucubrations and a very pondered plunderphonic approach. It is a collage of sound involving different genres and different listening dimensions. The record recaptures some historical avant-garde strategies in a timely mix of emotional issues, for example in the surrealist cut-upping. The 20th century avant-garde used to be primeval forms of modernity that are today “inflected” in fruitful experiments, glitches and oblique literary references (not by chance – rather “canonical” references such as William S. Burroughs, Anthony Burgess and Guy Debord; representatives of a poetic and antagonist deconstructionism). “Geisteswissenschaften” is on the sidelines of electro-acoustic, electronica and audio-art, and is a compelling work. It is certainly not for everyone, though at the same time the album does not require too many conceptual superstructures.