Various Artists – Favourite Places

Various Artists

CD – Audiobulb
Non-imaginary places, strictly related to the authors’ dreams and intimate thoughts. They are “favourite places” because “there are places in the world where we come back later”, “places that retain something precious feeding us”. Ten sound artists were involved, starting with Taylor Deupree and his “space” relative snapshot: the small forest at the back of his house, with reassuring melodies and reverbs. Dot Type Dot performs his ablutions in “My Bathroom”, with hushed field recordings, indulging in memories. Claudia’s piece is ambient: a furnished room with voices that are talking about relationships, combining hesitating and calibrated tones. The personal domain sometimes prevails: Tranøy Fyr’s chirping birds near a lighthouse, John Kannenberg’s recordings in the British Museum’s big atrium, or Leafcutter John SM-dressed guitar, referencing his beginning as a “bedroom guitarist”, and he’s planning to make a selection of sounds obtained by musical robots…