klangwart – Stadtlandfluss


CD – Staubgold
Klagwart duo (Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber) is based on both Cologne and Berlin. The two members are extremely balanced in using new combinations obtained from a well acquire catalog of sounds. It’s a neverending work in progress, culminating here in ‘Stadtlandfluss’, an album produced after eight years of painstaking research, accumulating energies and ideas carefully settled in so many live concerts. The long suite draws an extraordinarily simple aural roadmap. Nonetheless it’s very effective as well (only imaginarily divided into seven tracks), unraveled in an amusing progression. It starts with micro-emergencies, loops, drones and quiet tonal electronica. All these elements are increasingly boosted reaching at its peak a twisted and penetrating aural fullness. There are echos during the execution, reminding the kraut rock’s typical cosmic moods (“Hamanamah”) and the classic music also (using different samples), together with radio-recorded voices and other unclear but fascinating interflowing elements.