Zavoloka – Viter


CD – Kvitnu
The interweaving of concepts related to the four natural elements (air, water, earth, fire) has already generated contemporary art forms (the “arte povera” in Rome during the sixties, for example, or the consequent first experiments with the musique concrète or proto-ambient musicians like Alvin Curran). Seminal forms, already hybridized with many different media, now scattered in the modern electronic culture. It’s a come back to certain topics, emotional and perhaps not so innocent. In this “Viter” (“wind” in Ukrainian) this come back is articulated as an homage to the most impalpable and ethereal element, volatile by its very nature, yet planning future albums dedicated to the remaining above mentioned elements. Perfectly in synch with such poetics Kateryna Zavoloka skillfully sorts out melodious chords and structures, played with violins and contrabass, methodically allocating accurate downtempo rhythmics and precise resonating inserts.