Pridon – Apnea Eina


CD – Low Impedance

Pridon a.k.a. Petros Voudouris structures a quiet and enjoyable electronica, influenced by many different styles including techno, electro, IDM, dub and even an ounce of seventies psychedelia. This tissues are then carefully reassembled mixing different “spices”, but nevertheless the accessible moments are not completely slipping to more experimental structures. The overall impression is of an ambience in a groove setting, part of it engaged with atonal bleep or melodious choir, and some secondary spacey progresses with many synths. It’s a truly versatile album, sounds for decompression funneled in fairly surround recordings, gentle and flexible, where a sort of intimacy is embraced, leaving the innovation apart, and an overall quality that produces a perfectly refined listening experience, perhaps even exceeding a little bit, but acting anyway to the prejudice of a strong adoption of the contemporaneity themes.