Share 2008, Manufacturing

Share Festival 2008, Manufacturing, share_2008.jpg

The 2008 edition of the Share Festival has already started in Turin, sporting a prestigious collaboration with Bruce Sterling as a guest curator. Entitled “Manufacturing” the festival is celebrating its fourth edition (after 2005, 2006 and 2007), with an emphasis on the producing concepts of design, in the frame of Turin world design capital in 2008. The conferences hosted by the Accademia Albertina (the Turin Academy of Art) start with the guest curator confronting with the architect Stefano Boeri and end with him again with the visionary architect Marcos Novak. Among the other conference speakers: Donald Norman, Julian Bleecker, Anne Nigten, Montse Arbelo e Joseba Franco, Mauro Lupone, Pierluigi Cappucci and Paolo Cirio. Furthermore a series of events have been integrated in the program, such as the screening of the famous “The Net” with its director talk, the presentation of “Fatherboard, The SuperAvatar” by Luigi Pagliarini, a live concert by Autechre + SND, the “Circo Ipnotico” project by Otolab, a meeting of the AHA mailing list and a second Netlabel Party. Finally, at the festival’s end, the Share Prize will be awarded to one of these projects: “Knife.Hand.Chop.Bot” by Emanuel Andel, “Virtual Identity Process” by D3D, “Tampopo” by Yamada Kentaro, “Sound Lathe workshop” by Owl Project, “SphèrAléas” by Scenocosme and “Delicate Boundaries” by Christine Sugrue.