Tim Blechmann – “re-reading”

Tim Blechmann

CD – Free Software Series
The role of free software in the contemporary struggle for freedom is essential as well as producing content and media with sharing as the primary goal. Using only free software to produce and compose experimental music is indeed a bold statement that has been embraced by this Berlin based label run by Mattin (author of “Proletarian of Noise”), yet detailing on the cover which kind of Linux distribution is used. The label is intended to unquestionably state and prove that free software is every bit as good as proprietary software for this kind of music. In this first release the results are speaking for themselves. Blechmann masterly uses PD (Pure Data) for a meticulous composition that is impressively executed live in around 45 minutes. A rainy amount of frequencies falls with a variable and slowly changing intensity, investing the listener progressively till a quite and relieving end. A small gem in the territory of media freedom.