selected by Jorge Haro – Suda001 [Extreme Noise – Extreme Nature]

selected by Jorge Haro

CD – Sudamerica electronica
A very calibrated mix, with fifteen tracks, all rigorously experimental and digital, this one by Jorge Haro for Sudamérica Electrónica, a label founded in 2004 and co-directed with Jorge Castro, who is also the producer (with the moniker Fisternni). It is a very coherent project for its sounds and, as rightly suggested by the title (Extreme Noise – Extreme Nature), characterized by an almost organic quality, vital, synthetic but concrete at the same time. The first track, ‘in>side’ is by Haro himself, and is the result of the manipulation of minimal frequencies, symbolically pervasive and obscure signals. We then progress through dilated drones, following tonal articulations and click’n’cuts techniques, with compositions by Pablo Reche, Oe3+Yaco, 1615 Munro, all Argentinian artists, whose delicate (often melancholic) sounds alternate with the strong rhythmic constructions of the Brazilian Faq. The sequences by the Peruvian Christian Galarreta are deeply cut and noisy, like those by Cornucopia, reminiscent of ancestral energies. The equally intriguing passages made by Felix Lazo (Chile) and Juan Reyes (Colombia), followed by the Mexican Manuel Rocha and Rodrigo Sigal, wrap this effort up.