Gogooo – Long, lontain


CD – Baskaru
Gabriel ‘Gogooo’ Hernandez sounds are ethereal and crystal clear, weighted in delicate weaves. This Parisian experimenter is comfortable both with traditional instruments (melodic guitar, piano, barrel organ) and laptop or field recording, including intangible audio manipulations (a carillon, a bell, a panting breath or a kid’s giggling). The overall effect reminds intimate structures, transient atmospheres that self reproduce or refer to poetic elements, cultivated far away for a long time in the refined blend of ambient suggestions and electroacoustic sensitivities. These elements annexes different inspirations, developing a quite original attitude, sometimes just following few magic notes. Simple iterations, avant garde collages that even in the four short videos included in this interesting debut find again a certain decorative taste and a multiform creative polish, that date back to more polite times.