Sun Electric – Lost & Found (1998-2000)

Sun Electric

CD – Shitkatapult
Helped by Thomas Fehlmann, as the executive producer, the duo made by Max Loderbauer and Tom Thiel helped define the ambient-techno genre in the past decade. Halfway between experimentalism and neo electro-pop influences, when many different paths seemed possible, the separation between research, digital mainstream and clubbing tendencies wasn’t so clear-cut yet. In the early nineties, these new productions had just been introduced and a rigid genre structure was far ahead. It’s only natural that that kind of excitement, dictated by the change of natures and systems, took different directions, with hardly contextualizable hybrids which weren’t ‘in line’ with the current mainstream. The materials included in ‘Lost & Found’ take us back to those attempts and, like prehistorical artifacts, recount the end of an era: after 1997, the cards were dealt and the only thing left to do was to figure out how to play them best.