Zaum – I Hope You Never Love Anithing As Much As I love You


CD – Amazon Records
Improvisational sequences, great technical skill shown through tangled sound structures, multiplicity in rhythms, imaginative ‘polymorphism’ and ‘codes’ used in the collision-juxtaposition of active elements on several levels, searching for new connections, programatically shying away from rehashing with the worn lockpicks of past avant-gardes. Recorded live during a performance at the St. Aldhelm’s Church, in Poole, on October, 21 2006, this album by the collective formed by Steve Harris, Andrea Parkins (accordion, laptop) and an electro-acoustic ensemble made of another six elements, in its sensitive concreteness and the end results, shows how keeping in touch with the present can be good, distilling what’s necessary, challenging old canons, but keeping the immutable knowledge of those who consumed seasons and emotions on an instrument.