Etre – I Don’t Take My Head…


CD – Riz(h)ome
A really long title (‘I don’t take my head to see HIGHER because the sky is landing over my neck’) for the third and last CD that wraps up the ‘voice trilogy’, a project by the Italian Salvatore Borrelli, also known as Etre, dedicated to the artists Angus MacLise and Jackson Pollock, the first, an original drummer who played in Velvet Underground, percussionist, who collaborated with La Monte Young and Terry Riley, the second, the founder of the action painting movement. We can find these elements, the rhythms, serial music and free-form improvisation (though characterized by a well-defined artistic production process), in these sounds, which are voluntarily discontinuous, between analog and digital, with electric guitars and instruments such as the Kalimba, the zither, the shruti box, the esraj, with an extensive use of field recordings and max/msp applications. It’s a very intense and varied album, spanning from abstract and minimal electronic glitch to cuts, voices, strange interruptions and very gloomy and obsessive moments.