Gene Bowen – Bourgeois Magnetic

Gene Bowen

CD – Amorfon
This ‘Bourgeois Magnetic’ is really a wonderful album, full of sensitive, crystal-clear, suspended and ethereal piano acrobatics. It was recorded in 1981 and published by Cantil Records, a label that was managed by Eugene Bowen himself together with Harold Budd. The influences, of course, are those typical of the first post-avant-gardes, in the wake of the experiments that, starting from Satie, touched the American minimalism and converged towards the ambient theories of Brian Eno, the ‘ubiquitous’ and ‘oblique’ music which has then become electronica and has invaded every field of everyday life. The foremost reason for listening to this album, though, is not historical interest: its tenuous abstractions hint more at the void, at a bewildered enjoyment. Timeless notes that, with their truly experimental approach, populate a dimension of strong self-consciousness.