Projectsinge – Monkey_Party [Audiovisual Anarchy]


DVD – Projectsinge / Lowave
Audiovisual iterations by the Projectsinge collective (Jeanfrancois Blanquet, Florent Roussel, Jerome Blanquet) generated in sophisticated random ways, using the DVD medium very creatively, exploiting some of its technical possibilities, with different angles and a precise definition of keywords, built on a fundamentally non-linear interpretative grid. It’s a work made of three element structures: ‘small interactive plays’, ‘videos’ and ‘menus’. It’s a sort of conceptual labyrinth unraveling in ‘everyday’ sequences and abstract visual ingredients to ‘cross’ in thousands of combinations. Complex procedures which can nonetheless be immediately enjoyed, just like the proto-fuzzy philosophy of Bertrand Russel, who stated the need to introduce ‘a certain dose of anarchy’ in every organized scheme aspiring to model the complexity of life.