– Semeion

CD – Hefty! / Audioglobe

Cuts and frequencies by Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono, also known as, a combo with original technoid roots (in the notorious Neapolitan scenes and, for some time, together with Rino Cerrone) which then evolved towards more experimental and glitchy combinations, always with rhythmical &structures not free of future-funky antibodies, marking those genre boundaries that now, with so many electronica productions, try to find a way out of minimalism. In Semeion, they functionally succeed, even though the raw materials aren’t very new, skillfully mixing analog and digital fascinating sounds which partly reflect the extreme tensions of their motherland, mysterious and subdued, but also full of energy, romance and passion. It’s a collection of atmospheric and hypnotic tracks that confirms the talent of these two artists, whose qualities are maybe underestimated in their home country, but fully recognized abroad.