Vogel/Mayas/Renkel – Phono_Phono


CD – Absinth
A trio made up by Magda Mayas (piano and synthesizer) with Sabine Vogel (flute and electronic instruments) and Michael Renkel (guitar and electronics) is behind the extended recording (recorded at the Vivaldisaal in Berlin in 2005) which has then been renamed in seven different parts and collected here for Absinth. Very delicate and rarefied elaborations where emptiness and fullness are equally important, stemming from the idea (reminiscent of Cage, then improvisational) that the silence is a physical and inhabitable space, just as important in music as the moments of ‘fullness’, which are based on the peculiar sounds of the instruments, on the personal techniques of each player and on the union of the purely acoustic parts with the digital ones. It’s a thrilling approach, intense, always calibrated and sensitive, which is presented, following the tradition of Absinth, with special care in the graphics and packaging, too, with a ‘screen-printed sleeve’ artwork and in a limited edition of only 500 copies.