KK Null – Fertile

KK Null

CD – Touch/Family Affair
This is the first solo album for Kazuyuki Kishino, who used to release his works under the same moniker with Chris Watson and z’ev in 2005. Other albums are already on their way to be released for the American labels Blossoming Noise and Important, and for the Russian Electroclub. ‘Fertile’ is a fascinating and obscure work, with clear-cut and crystal-like sounds, bordering on noise, but with very pure field recordings, taken in the Australian Northern Territories, in Darwin, in the Kakadu National Park. KK Null has got a glorious past as leader of Zeni Geva, a Japanese punk band, so his ability to put the same vigor and restlessness into his sound even in a completely different musical field is remarkable. His inspiration, in this case, includes flying drones, tangled rhythms and industrial percussions, through many levels that shuffle endlessly, resulting in an experimental electronica with extremely rarefied moments.