The Hafler Trio – Ignotium Per Ignotius

The Hafler Trio

CD – Korm Plastics
This is the seventh release by Korm Plastics in the special series of rereleases dedicated to the Hafler Trio. This work was first published by Touch in the summer of 1989 and is here repackaged in an elegant box made of cardboard and glossy paper, with a very refined booklet whose contents, quite surrealist and printed in reverse, are only readable with a mirror. This is undoubtedly a very important and complex project, almost rhizomatic in its sounds and listening facets, atmospheres and narrations, moments of fullness and studied voids. Elaborations suspended over new electronic experiments but still sharp in their flow, very suggestive and sensitive sound passages that highlight Andrew Mackenzie’s long and productive musical career, still very lively and relevant.