Mediaterrae 2007 report.


Mediaterrae photo set

In Mediaterrae the smart idea of the behind the Interferenze festival was to bring a group of international electronic artists (visual artists and musicians) on the very peculiar Montemarano carnival, during the top celebrations of the fat Tuesday. The entire town celebrated all day long with unstoppable ‘tarantella’ music, and everybody was enjoining his masks and some wine. The artists lived for one week together, experiencing collectively the preparation for this ‘foreign’ social and aesthetic experience, and then the re-interpreting process, materialized in live and studio performances. The Rechenzentrum couple seems to have better reformulated not only the carnival identity game through their filmic sensibility, but also to have been deeply touched by a mourning subtle but always present feeling integrated in both visual and sound. An extensive parade of state of minds flowing in a pacesetting scan, without breaks nor uncertainties. The continuous fluctuation of colors and the recurring flow of rhythms during the carnival seems to have impressed Deadbeat and Jeffers Egan. The former was able to play electronic gears and laptop for a huge amount of time, with rhythmic waves that kept the audience attention. The latter created amazing animated visuals, optically amusing, that mutated during the entire set. The third live act (Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit) was acoustically compelling, but even more visually attracting. The alternate currents of instrumental sessions in fact were coupled with an independently running stream of cinematic visuals by Anders Weberg and Robert Willim. How many other festival crews are able to organize such events overstimulating your senses, with free local fresh and delicious food (the caciocavalli cooking and tasting live session was a hit) coupled with new audio/visual interpretations? The intertwining of local specific culture and natural roots with the infinite narrative possibilities of electronic has been once again been exploited in this beautiful and peripheral land.