Kotra & Zavoloka – Wag the Swing

Kotra & Zavoloka

CD – Kvitnu
This production, in an elegant and special edition made of ecologic cardboard with golden tints, is entitled ‘Wag the Swing’. It’s the latest work by the Ukrainian artists Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra) and Kateryna Zavoloka, and follow the steps of their previous experiments, continuing the personal exploration that they started some years ago, made of several performances and workshops at the most renowned international electronic music festivals. Their improvisational attitude is unchanged, and they often bring the listener back to harsher and more contemporary sequences in the elaboration of their abstract melodies, between digital synthesis and more or less orthodox instruments (bass guitars and guitars, but also empty master matrices, turntables and various devices), minimizing the vocal research and focusing on interactions between sounds, skillfully juxtaposed in a cryptic alternation of the background..