Deaf 07, interact or die!


DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Festival) 2007 opens on April 10th in Rotterdam. DEAF is one of the historical electronic arts festivals, and it has been built by V2_, that in 2007 celebrates 25 years of activities. As in the last editions (2003 and 2004), here there’s a tight schedule with some crucial highlights, like the extensive program on China media arts and politics, a topic deeply investigated in the last years by V2_’s members. Or the ‘Evenings of…’ dedicated to some of the finest media art artists/researchers like the ‘Ludic Society’ or Knowbotic Research groups. A large exhibition will take place at the new Las Palmas/LPII cultural center with many installations, while a series of seminars and ‘Snack and Surge brunches’ hosted by Nat Muller will develop almost daily. There’s also the presentation and preview of the second reader, and other specific events will involve other institutions/places in the city, following a recent and good trend in festivals now.