Nick Didkovsky – Tube Mouth Bow String

Nick Didkovsky

CD – Pogus
Do you remember the talkbox? It was an effect from the Sixties that distorted the sound of a guitar like a wah-wah pedal or a robotic voice (the result was similar to a vocoder). It was heavily used by Peter Frampton, David Gilmour, Joe Walsh and several other rockstars. It worked by channeling soundsto an amplifier, then to a pipe connected with the musician’s mouth who, with his lips, throat and larynx modulated them. These sounds were then captured by a microphone and redirected to the amplifier again. It was a device to stun an easily surprised and not technologically savvy audience, which has now been recovered and decontextualized from rock music to be used for a string quartet, together with other electronic manipulations and computer-aided techniques. The final effect is pure drone music, really intense in its thousands of hues and harmonically rich.