Mattin – Proletarian Of Noise


CD – Hibari
“How can you believe everything they tell you?”, this is the first text line after the beats, tapped on the table, or a keyboard or whatever in ‘Computer Music/Post Fordism’, the ‘Proletarian Of Noise’ intro. This is the last project by Mattin, a controversial experimenter and activist from Bilbao, yet happilyinvolved in the freeware and anti-copyright movement, beside being well known for his dissonant live concerts. Theories, radicalism and sound violence are being refracted with hard proposals, amongst extremely high and low volumes, feedback and improvisation. This work is irritating but at the same time brilliant, as when ideally the electronic research becomes simply the percussion of a computer case or the correlation between the ‘noise’, ‘capitalism’ and ‘democracy’ concepts with postulates as extreme as the their own sounds. This coherent structuring leads to making most of the author’s artistic production freely available for download on the net. Finally it’s worth to mention that the cover pictures is a plagiarism of the Hijokaidan’s album ‘King of Noise’ (a Japanese combo that since the end of seventies integrated crude performing acts and noise), juxtaposing the dollar sign to an eye of the portraited child.