HC Gilje – Cityscapes

HC Gilje, Cityscapes, Lowav, EDV1394, hcgilje_cityscapes.jpg

dvd – Lowave – EDV1394
Sequences of metropolitan landscapes, frames undistinguishable from the multipliciy of events, where architectures, disused spaces and humans bring life to geometric abstractions and daily motions. Cinema in his primigenial essence has always dealt with this: moving pictures not separated fromtraditional art forms (dance, painting, music), considered by W.S. Burroughs (he had a point) as an enacting of ancient magic arts. Only after a while the narrative approach will carry the audience with it. It’s worth to note that visual processing like the above mentioned (contrary to what one might think) are deep-rooted (even if soothed) in the filmic collective immaginary. In the HC Gilje’s work all these remarks seem implicit. He’s applying various techniques reflecting a manipulative attention, demonstrating that photography on its own, with lights, shadows and contrasts is able to equally (or even better) tell the complexity of contemporary condition. Gilje shows sensitivities moulded in the places and time fragmentation, dense in perceptive stimuli and cross-references that, compared to historical avantgardes take advantage of the many sampling combinatorial possibilities. This is evident in ‘Crossing’ made during his tour as part of the 242.pilots video improvisation trio, in February 2002, or in ‘Shiva’, result of the collaboration with the sound artist Kelly Davis.