Rafael Toral – Space

Rafael Toral

CD – Staubgold
These rarefied and fascinating elaborations are a new beginning for Rafael Toral, who casts aside his guitars, pedals and effects to use a new musical system that incorporates elements he built himself and analog electronic instruments he modified. This implementation which according to the author, will form the basis for his next years’ work, the ‘Space Program’ is configured as an operating platform open to the very varied sound explorations of the Portuguese master. Toral’s concept of sound is reminiscent of the historical avant-gardes traditions, that red line connecting Satie to Cage to Alvin Lucier to ‘discreet music’ to Brian Eno’s ambient theories. There are three tracks in this album, 13, 24 and 19 minutes long, with ethereal sounds suddenly emerging from extremely dilated and astral drones and controlled space-jazz influences, especially where he uses an unusual alto sax.