Fake Progress Bar, turning interface into free time

Fake Progress Bar

The progress bar is probably one of the most recognized icons of everyday digital screen-based communication. It expresses time, and the lag the machines are imposing on us, through their hidden coded mechanisms. The (most of the time) slow pacing of the bar from left to right is the visualfulfilling of an upcoming promise (the completion of a task). The waiting, sometimes expressed also in percentage figures, is the promised pleasure of something new arriving, via a sort of countdown style, at variable speed. But the progress bar is also the universal symbol of a computer busy in doing something important and, referring to past software limits, completely dedicated to it. Digital Volcano’s Fake Progress Bar is a freeware meant to trick office’s bosses, giving the clerk a good excuse to stop working. A completely configurable interface let the user personalize the used icons, the text messages and the waiting time for every announced task. The software is not able to face the uncontrollable machine-driven time management but it can easily use it for social engineering purposes, turning its aesthetic into personal advantages.