Dj Artyom, the cassette Dj

Cassette Dj

So-called old media actually have the chance of being not only enhanced but finally recontextualized through the new ones. This process must take in count the very nature of the medium and play with it as much as it can. The Russian DJ Artyom, with remarkable artisan skills) has built his own equipment (out of wood panels and electronics) for djing with cassette, with two enhanced ‘players’ and a mixer. This analog/digital symbiosis tricks the sequential nature of tape with a manipulation engine and custom-written Max/MSP patches, compensating the medium limitations on track’s random access. The cheap and widespread recording/data magnetic tape format is then physically manipulated in the guise of a record and digitally heightened as a ductile sound source. This double action repositions the (almost archived) sequentiality of the compact tape wheels in a new vital and heterogeneous mediascape, where old media can play again their historical and affective (more than strictly functional) role.