The Moglass – Sparrow Juice

The Moglass, Sparrow Juice

CD – Nexsound
Moglass are an Ukrainian combination devoted to tangled improvised sounds, even thought they stem from elementary iterations, with drones and digital effects, who give birth to a really fascinating mix that can only loosely be ascribed to the post-rock ambit. The imaginative streak of Yuri Kulishenko, Oleg Kovalchuk and Vladimir Bovtenko shows especially when the claustrophobia of some atmospheres is covered by spontaneous grafts and improvisations. In their project, post-production is important, too, and is used as an additional possibility to create, like another instrument. Gentle, melodic and never trivial, these guys show their worth by using many different arrangements, avoiding clichés and stereotyped cross-over practices.

Aurelio Cianciotta