Reline2, Blackchair, Microcinema, reline2.jpg

dvd video – Blackchair, Microcinema – MC-547
The vj culture is tangible in a lot of contemporary video works. The germs of the non-linear narrative (that were enabled and spread by PC post production software tools) has largely infected the video medium. As in the first Reline volume the integration of forms is here more sophisticated than the pure classical abstraction exercise. The flow of elements is usually linked through different degrees of transparencies, and transition effects are applied on parts of the (moving) pictures, continuously transforming the basic perception. This kind of germination of forms can then be experienced in the psychedelic architectures of Scott Pagano, in the sliding wings of Ben Sheppee & Sewn, or in the morphing organic signs of Robert Seidel. The digital culture seem to have radically transformed the visual space of video: from a sequential unicuum to a compositional and sometimes asymmetrical matrix, retrieving the structural elements of the printed graphic design and constantly moving them in a visual flux.