Annual Checkup, pharmaceuticals for the 21st century

Annual Checkup, pharmaceuticals for the 21st century, Lisa Erdman, annual_checkup.jpg

The pharmaceutical industry’s advertisement and communication is based on the promise of a physical faintness’ elimination and the consequent general well-being achievement, that seem then to be the most ‘natural’ life condition. This ‘magic’ effect is obtained through obscure organic reaction triggered by the ‘product’ ingestion. Shifting this simple cause/effect mechanism to a metaphorical level Annual Checkup by Lisa Erdman develops a political critique with printed and tv fake advertisements of pharmaceuticals. Combining the lure of finally being healthy and self-confident with the excess of propaganda, she has assembled adv for ‘Abstinen’ (prevention of premarital sexual activity in teens and young adults), ‘Jesurex’ (to treat symptoms of weakening faith or non-existent faith in Jesus Christ), ‘Patriotec’ (to treat symptoms of unpatriotic thoughts and behavior, especially during wartime), ‘Ethnivox’ (medication for racial and ethnic identity transformation), ‘Consumerin’ (effective for the treatment of shopping deficiency, and purchase anxiety) and ‘Homotrol’ (once-a-month tablet for treating homosexuality). The perfect and ‘classic’ graphic layout is screeching against the almost absurd propaganda content, part pessimistic science fiction, part very plausible neo-con normalization. Even if it’s easily taggable in the ‘fake’ domain, this work enhances the actual invasiveness of propaganda and the availability of the general public to swallow anything that would efficiently change their status.