ISEA 2006, ZeroOne San Jose, A Global Festival of Art on the Edge

ISEA 2006

The thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) is running in San Jose this week. After the latest editions of Paris in 2000, Nagoya in 2002 and Stockholm / Helsinki / Tallin in 2004, this seem an edition that summarizes many of the current stimuli and it is divided into four sections: Interactive City, Community Domain, Transvergence, and Pacific Rim. The city has been considered as a terrain for experimental mapping and physical interactivity. The latter seem to be one of the keywords of the event and another one is physicality, that joined form a different approach to the feeling of the urban environment. The urge of involving the public and the need to show something happening out of the private screens are two of the leading trends emerging from the selection of circa two hundred artists. Amongst the many projects presented there are: Datamatics by Ryoiji Ikeda, recently presented at Sonar, 99 Red Baloons by Jenny Marketou, a development of the previous Flying Spy Potatoes, Amy and Klara, the Sine Wave Orchestra, One Free Minute, Sonic Fabric, VJ Tulse Luper, Feral Robotic Dogs by Natalie Jeremijenko and ’16(R)evolutions’, the and the new work by Troika Ranch.