Interferenze 2006, Naturalis Electronica

Interferenze 2006

How rooted in their own territory are usually new media arts festival? The italian Interferenze is year after year pushing on their unique location (in the middle of the mountains of Partenio) to seamlessy integrate digital culture with its own natural environment and social food tradition. So in the program there have been included workshops of solar-powered robots by Ralf Schreiber, a couple of ‘gastroacoustic’ performances by Ulrich & Kassian Troyer and Philip Furtenbach, and the ‘Info Naturae 1.0’ audio/video performance by Errante/Kinotek. But the intersts of the young local curators are not confined to the organic real or derived concepts. Live by Biosphere, O.blaat, The Sine Wave Orchestra, Andy Vaz, Emi Maeda + Lia, AGF, Vladislav Delay, Deadbeat, among the others, Installations (‘Acquatic’ by Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, ‘Process 6,7,8’ by Casey Reas, for example), and screenings mixed with technical and tasty workshops about the rooted food culture are also in the list of cultural opportunities available first for the mass of local curious and open minded youngsters of the near towns. Anybody still thinking that digital culture is cold and soulless?