Ivan Palacky & VJ Vera Lukasova aka Carpets Curtains

Ivan Palacky & VJ Vera Lukasova aka Carpets, video, dvd, Curtainscarpet_curtains.jpg

Errant Bodies – ebr_02 – dvd video

Where is the artist’s freedom of expression if you get stuck on the narrative? The sequence and its sense in the tradition of telling a story is taken as a default. This experimental work goes straight against all this, taking the error, the interruption and the pause, and transforming them from accidents to fundamental nodes. The sudden jumbling of reference points and their disintegration then, is shaking the spectator’s certainties, even after repeated views. The uncertainties becomes one of the few recognizable trait d’union of the different pieces, through software errors or accidents as the few claimed tools. The narration (as we knew it) is gone. The flow of visual and audio data is constant, anyway, and the elements of reality morphs into the abstract, through digital wire frames. The audio soundtrack is made on fragments on the same wavelength: processing of the respective software error occurred during long field recordings sessions. Here videoart and vjing meet in the middle of their respective edges, and the outcome is something to be watched carefully.