Hyper – We Control


CD – Kilowatt / Karma

In the breaks scene, the drift to a more rock-band attitude is an unstoppable pandemic, which probably began with the great remix of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Adam Freeland, who repeated the feat on ‘7th Nation’ by the White Stripes. Rennie Pilgrem, too, did it with Tcr Allstars at the Glade festival, as well as the Atomic Hooligan with ‘We Are Here’. The energetic stimulation derived from bases and guitars breaks into the dance ambit. However, we would have never expected by Guy Hatfield (the real name of Dj Hyper) no less than a cover of ‘Ant Music’, one of the most popular pieces of the neo-romantic pirate Adam. This is the eighties, for those who missed them, and everything comes full-circle when we realize that some chords are reminiscent of the Simple Minds. It’s not just an ephemeral play or exercise, however (this is the first solo album by this artist, his long career notwithstanding), for his collaborators include Leeroy Thronhill (ex-Prodigy), Wildchild, The Crystal Method, Jim Davies, Dirty Harry, MC Xander and Kieron Pepper. It’s hard to predict his future: breakbeat is today the most successful form of electronica dance when it comes to ability to evolve and contaminate. This is a thunderous debut, which plays on the lowest instincts.